Turnkey Construction

Constecner provides a one-stop solution of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction. We support Construction companies, Infrastructure Developers, Industries and Oil & Gas companies with required EPC management teams at their project locations, to enable their Design, Material & Vendor procurement and Project Management as one integrated team.

Our EPC team will provide a seamless co-ordination within the teams and enable an optimized and efficient process control. This will lead to a timely and cost-effective solution for successful project completion.
Having all the faculties and domains of Building Engineering under one roof empowers Constecner to provide this leverage to clients for their success. 

Towards EPC management endeavor we offer the following services.

  • Design team setup to offshore locations
  • Planning design, controls, and monitoring
  • Project Budgeting and Cost management
  • Procurement support, for material and vendors
  • Construction Management support
  • As-built drawings, documentation and Project closeout reports.